How Suzi Can Help

I am not just the healer, I am the guide for your healing journey. Using knowledge from my Western medicine career and all that I have learned studying East Asian medicine, I will guide you to a place of wellness and peace.
— Suzi

Healing means many things to different people. Are you looking for pain management, relief from symptoms of a chronic disease such an autoimmune or digestive disorder, anxiety, migraines, fertility issues or painful menstruation? East Asian medicine is a full medical system treating a multitude of disorders.

East Asian medicine is about helping the body heal itself. To assess what will work best for you, I begin with a thorough, 30-minute intake appointment and one-hour treatment session. After that, future sessions are tailored for your individual needs.
— Suzi


Some of the treatment modalities that might work for you include:

Acupuncture - delicately inserting hair-thin, sterile needles into strategic locations on the body to decrease inflammation and to improve function.

Moxabustion - warming acupuncture points by burning the therapeutic herb, mugwort, to enhance treatment

Tui Na- a hands-on form of Asian body work

Cupping - creating a vacuum that pulls blood and toxins to the surface of the skin to promote healing

Gua Sha - a technique that uses concentrated pressure or scraping to release pathogens from the body

Nutritional and herbal formula recommendations to improve overall health and to help the healing process continue after the acupuncture session